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mudshark82s wet season trip report - visited July 2011

Hey tezza, Here is a July 2011 update from Koh Mook,

The only places appearing to be open at Farang Beach are
Charlies (bungalows/restaurant,not minimart), Rubber
(bungalows only), and Hilltop, a Thai family
restaurant abt 500m up the dirt track from Rubber Tree,
past Mookies. Nice family, good food and absurdly cheap
prices. 40 baht padthai/fried rice/thai dishes with
steamed rice, 80baht curry, 50 baht big Chang!
Haad Farang, Sawasdee, and Mookies are closed.

The Thai family's pet at the restaurant.
Great little monkey, fun to play with.

' food has resort prices but the Thai family
are great with prices lower than on any of the islands
or beaches I've seen, they even offered to take me back
to Rubber Tree on their motorbike one night when it
was raining after dark. The path gets wet and muddy
this time of year! I was their only customer 2 days in
a row.

Concerte fan bungalow, comfortable and clean in good
setting at Rubber Tree - 400 baht, booked for 300 with
only a little persuading. I would recommend this, much
nicer bungalows and cheaper than Charlie's bamboo fan

Here is the breakdown, 2 places to sleep, 2 to eat, no
minimarts or other places to sell basic drinks, snacks
and necessities.

Farang beach is quite dirty, lots of trash washed up
and nobody seems to notice, especially when i spent a
few hours on the beach without seeing a soul one
afternoon, other times in the last couple days there was
no more than 3 people on the beach at once and nobody
stayed long.

With all the trash, empty bungalows and rental shacks, I
felt like I was on an abandoned shore. Never saw a
single longtail near the beach, making tours or
transport off limits.

5-10 other farangs staying around there each day, very
dead. Strong surf, fun bodysurfing, the garbage you
swim with takes away from the enjoyment though.

Thanks 'shark. Looks like Muk in low season 2011 is even
quieter than when I visited in low season 2010.


Rachael's Ko Muk Trip Report - visited Dec 09

Farang Beach - there are only 5 or 6 places to stay most of which are concentrated around this beach on the south-west side of the island. The beach is dominated by Charlies which is a sprawling, westernised resort complete with a swimming pool. Quite why you need this when a few steps away you have the warm, crystal clear Andaman sea is beyond me.

I would urge anyone who visits Koh Mook to bypass Charlies and take your custom to one of the smaller, family run resorts which are no more than a 3 minute walk from the beach and much more reasonably priced. To this end we stayed at the Rubber Tree Bungalows which is run by a lovely guy called Ekkasit or ‘Ey’ for short. As cliched as it sounds he really could not be more welcoming and helpful.
Our bamboo bungalow cost 500 baht a night and was pretty basic but we didn’t need anything more.

For those on a tighter budget head to Mookies which is further up the road past Rubbertree. Brian (an Aussie ex-pat) and his beautiful Thai wife have set up a resort of ‘tentalows’ - semi-permanent tents with a shared bathroom which are a bargain at 250 baht a night. We spent most of our nights in the bar at Mookies which has a great atmosphere and the best fish and chips we’ve ever tasted!

Our main reason for visiting Koh Mook was to visit the Morakot Cave which is tucked away on the western side of the island and accessible only at lower tide via an eighty metre long tunnel. The tunnel apparently opens out into a stunning lagoon of crystal clear water and a white sand beach between steep, emerald green cliffs - but our attempt to make it through failed miserably! In an attempt to try and get the cave all to ourselves we shunned the escorted trips in favour of a kayak!
We were told it would be dark in the tunnel but weren’t prepared for the utter pitch blackness that met us – my tiny travel torch was useless and so we were forced to beat a hasty retreat after just 2 or 3 metres. So if you do visit the cave take a super powerful torch or better still, just cut your losses and book a trip where you swim through with a guide.

Thanks Rachael.
Rachael has more on Muk, plus other islands like Lanta, Kradan and Bulon Lae on her site A DATE AT THE TATE. She also has a section on Bangkok and some good general info on MONEY, FOOD, COSTS, TRANSPORT etc.

Sessa has a fair bit of Muk stuff on her Multi-Island trip report Jan-Feb 2011 HERE

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