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Ko Phayam Trip Report by MV - visited Nov-Dec 09

Shot of the south-western section of Buffalo Bay - image MV


Phayam is typical and ready to explode into another Lanta. I find most of the Thais are from elsewhere and quite unfriendly. Crappy bars and backpacker food abound.
Anyway, went to Vujit - typical set up. Called prior - "many" b300 bungalow. Not true when I arrived 20min later although all with exception of ocean front were empty. Typical bullshit.
Went to Kao Kwai Hill and it’s lovely although the food is a bit ordinary.

Jellies sighted. Guy on Ao Yai says sandflies in Coconut Bungalow.

Getting moved out of bungalow Dec12. Not happy - a booking (?!?!) - and then the next vacant bungalow in Feb (!).

I would not bother with Vujit. For myself, KK Hill is the only game on the island. I have seen so much nature - its’ really an incredible place. If you want a booking kkhill is 0818476285. Thanks for recommendation, my friend told me abt this place years ago and i never got off my ass.

Bungalow at Kao Kwai Hill - image MV
Every day more people arrive. But slowly. Lots of idiots on motorbikes. One guy yesterday took quite a spill in front of Oscar’s bar - too stupid to go get an mri.

I really like KK Hill - it’s the best place bar none if you can suffer the bungalow. Yesterday I spotted two more hornbills, elusive monkeys and a one meter pit viper.
pit viper

common tree frog

Brahmani Kite



Oriental Pied Hornbill
- images

Another plus about KKH is the rocky outcrop. It’s featured even in government tourist brochures. This has to be the prettiest stretch of coastline and the sunsets are perfect. As is the distance from the treeline as opposed to Vujit et al

Rocky outcrop - Kao Kwai Hill is on the headland directly to the right - image MV

Past the rocky outcrop in the former shot is the northern part of Buffalo Bay - image MV

I’m moving on from KK Hill. While the food has got much better since other guests have arrived plus it’s a pretty place and overall I like it - it's time to buy snorkel gear / tent and move on. Try little Ko Chang for a few days and head to Surins after new year.

PP Land is pure bullshit and careful at Jamson as it appears to have sewage issues into bay.

The idiots are arriving, but not en masse. Still seeing some great critters but nothing in last few days that’s special.

Thanks MV. If any readers want to do a trip report on Phayam or any other location please send it to and hopefully we can keep people more up to date than the guidebooks and my visit every second year or so.

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