Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Multi-island Reports

Sessa's Trip to Phuket, PP, Mook, Kradan and Lipe

Travelled January-February 2011

(Karon) 'Karon Living Room'
(950 baht)Our trip began at Phuket -'Karon Living Room' (Karon) bargained from 1600 baht to 950 baht a night. Stayed 2 nights.

Phuket (Kata beach)

Next - to Phi Phi ,spent one night at the 'Long Beach Bungalow' 600 baht night.
New accommodation the next day at Gypsy at 800 baht per night.

Phi Phi - long beach bongalow (600 baht).

Phi Phi - A walk From Long Beach on Don.

PP Long Beach

PP at Long Beach.

The next day we went to Kho Mook with Tiger Line. We checked in on the other side of the island from Charley beach not far from the pier in a place called Coco Lodge. 800 baht per night.

Kho Mook - 'Coco lodge' Bamboo Bungalow for rent (550 baht)
Kho Mook - 'Coco Lodge'(800 baht)
Kho Mook- picture taken from the resturant at 'Coco Lodge'

Kho Mook - 'Coco Lodge' Toilet
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We slept 2 nights at Coco Lodge before we checked into 'Mookies' for a night, 250 baht. Here I got to know Alex and Nasha as the new holders of Mookie. They bought Mookie about 4 months ago. Nasha is pregnant (four month).

Mookies famous bar.


Kho Mook - the sand spit at Hua Leam

Kho Mook - Hua Leam ( on the other side of of the island to Charley Beach) Here we are on the way to Sivalai Beach Resort. We Had to see the resort that cost 10.000 baht a night

Kho Mook - Charley beach

Emerald Cave Kho Mook

The next day we travelled to Kho Kradan for an overnight stay. Here it was fully booked so we had to settle for a bungalow for 1600 baht at 'Kradan Beach Resort'.

Kradan Beach Resort

Kho Kradan Beach at Kradan Beach Resort


At last we were on our way to Kho Lipe. Here I met my son (Ruben) and his girlfriend (Jenny). The trip from Kho Lipe Kradan tok about three and a half hours with Tigerline. In Lipe, we stayed one night at the 'Serene Bungalow' near Pattaya beach, 600 baht a night, until we found a new place the day after, at the Sunrise Beach - 'Lipe Beach Resort at 550 baht per night (same resort as Ruben, but in a bungalow hut).
We slept there two nights before we left back to Phi Phi and stayed one night at 'K House' for 700 baht

Kho Lipe - 'Lipe Beach Resort'

Kho Lipe - sunrise at Sunrise Beach 05:30 in the morning

Beach at Mountain Resort
Kho Lipe - Pic taken from Mountain resturant
Mountain Resort Kho Lipe
Island off south Andaman Beach (Sunrise) Lipe

Kho Lipe - trip with a longtail boat to several places such as Kho Kra - Kho Usen- Kho Talak (snorkeling trip)

Back at Phuket (Rawai Beach)

PS: It's no problem to get an open ticket from Andaman Master and Tigerline. I had one my self for the whole trip.

By the way... people who want to stay and book at Mookies on Kho Mook can call Nasha's mobilphone: +66 080-561-1781 or Alex +66 082-498-3228. In high season it's often full booked.

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