Friday, January 20, 2012

Ko Haa Trip Reports

Visited by Boleslav January 2012

Approaching the Ko Haa group.

This group of 5 small islands to the west of Ko Lanta is famous for diving tours.We decided to organize a snorkeling trip with Freedom Adventures, very friendly operator based in Lanta's Kantiang Bay, that focuses on the small, up to only 10 guests, tours., TB 1600 per person.

The Ko Haa group (map from Freedom Adventures)

The boat ride took an hour from the Kantiang Bay, and it was quite nice to see the Kantiang Bay from the boat.

At Ko Haa they stopped at 4 different snorkeling sites. Two stops were around Ko Haa Sam and two around Ko Haa Yai.

The Lagoon at Ko Haa Sam had very nice coral on the beach side where it is fairly shallow area in front of the beach, and an interesting rock/underwater overhang near the rocks opposite the beach.

The next stop was Cliff Jump Cove Ko Haa Sam. With several underwater entrances to the caves, this is where we saw a turtle, 3 cuttlefish and a snake.

Then a couple of stops on Ko Haa Yai where we were able to snorkel around interesting rock wall and lastly enjoyed bay of the Corral beach with tiny wooden shack on the shore and some corral in the water.
Coral Beach - Ko Haa Yai

Limestone undercut and caves - Ko Haa Yai

We liked this trip as the snorkeling was nice combination of corral, beach, little coves and caves. The trip was purely geared toward the snorkelers, which I believe that the Freedom Adventures may be the only tour operator on Ko Lanta focusing on snorkelers, not divers, therefore we were snorkeling 4 sites, when you will see only 3 sites.
They provided us with very good lunch and fruits, snorkeling gear and this operator is well organized, it is a team of Thai/English couple, Cait is the contact person and responds quickly to all the questions we had prior the trip. Her Husband, Ned, is the one who accompanies the guests on the trips.

Our boat (image Freedom Adventures)

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Thanks Boleslav. If any reader wants to do a trip report to keep things on the blog up to date (I'm finding it increasingly difficult to do enough trips) or to show us NEW PLACES like Ko Haa, please send a few shots and words to

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