Friday, December 28, 2012

Boleslav's Update on Ko Kradan - December 2011/Jan 2012

The main eastern beach from the rocks further north. All bungalow places/resorts except Paradise Lost and Ao Niang are located at this beach.

Here is an update on the Paradise Lost.

Wally's walking and eye sight is not as good as was last year, now he is using the walker to get between the restaurant and the bungalow. Yet his mind is still very sharp.

There is a free wifi at the Paradise Lost now and although Wally has an email, it is still more reliable to send him a text message then an email.

He started to build this hut where there will be a small minimart and a travel agency, it is located behind his restaurant toward the jungle. He said that many guests are asking him and Nook to organize transport to other islands and other trips, so he may as well have an agency to do it. Wally said that Sai from KK travel started her own agency, he was not too impressed with their service as they were not always answering their phones.

Wally partnered up with a friend who used some of the space behind the main restaurant to open an Italian restaurant there called Oasis, serving purely Italian food, pizzazz, calzone, spaghetti etc. The prices there for the main meal started at 250TB per dish.

The main restaurant at Paradise Lost.

We walked once along The main beach, it is getting build up more and more. Seven seas added more bungalows and toward the northern end there is another guy, building another resort.

Note that Wally has a three legged dog called Tripod, many people take pity on him, but be aware, he is the head of the pack and not friendly, do not try to pet him.

Below are some of Paradise Lost's bungalows.

Our Approach to Ko Kradan.
We arrived on Freedom Adventures' Boat from a multiday visit to Ko Rok - we asked them to drop us off on Ko Kradan.

Less seen view - Ko Kradan from the west

Rounding the south-west corner - that is the beach just west of Ao Niang resort mid-background

Ao Niang's beach on the south coast - this is the best snorkelling beach

The south-east corner

Part of the main eastern beach - the northern track to Paradise Lost in the jungle starts behind that fence.

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